HOT !I have no credit on my account even though I have performed tests

Some tests, which are very quick to perform, are not remunerated. They allow to:

  • know you better 
  • offer you tests adapted to your profile 
  • ensure that your profile matches the demands of our clients.

You must therefore match it to have a better chance of being asked for paid tests.

HOT !I have completed a test, how do I get paid?

Once your 1st test is finished, you are invited to enter your bank details and your address so that we can proceed with your payments. Do not forget to fill these mandatory information : your RIB / IBAN and your address in your personal account. You must reach a minimum amount (as defined in the terms of tester agreement) to request your payment.

Then send us a payment resquest using the "Request a payment" button from your personal account and we will proceed with the appropriate transfer. To receive your payment on your bank account, you must enter the banking information displayed on your RIB. Your earnings will be transferred within 30 working days by secure bank transfer through our BNP Paribas partner. For testers living in a country that does not have an IBAN (ouside Europe), a payment via Paypal is possible but subject to administrative costs (see Conditions of the tester contract). No payment by bank cheque is offered.

HOT !I have made a payment request and still haven't been paid

It can take up to 30 working days to be paid. If after 30 days you still have not received anything, please contact us by selecting "Other" in the subjects proposed on our contact form.

How do I get a receipt?

Once you receive your payment, a receipt will be auto-generated and accessible from your tester area.

How does the money transfer work ?

According to our terms of use the money credited on your account will be transferred to your attention in a minimum period of 30 working days after the reception of your demand. In fact, we try to meet the best deadlines and the payment is normally made within a week of receipt of the request. Our partner BNP Paribas is responsible for the payment security. The information are secured and remain confidential according to our data privacy policy.

I am abroad, how do I get paid?

Unfortunately we have not yet developed the testers account to be able to enter a foreign IBAN.

Depending on your country, we may be able to pay you via Paypal. To do this, when you have reached the minimum amount to receive the payment, give us your Paypal email address and we will see if it is possibme to make the transfer.

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