HOT !Am I anonymous ? What is the data privacy policy ?

Yes. We never transfer any personal information to our customers who will just access an identification number. Your identity remains confidential, if you do not state it during a test, according to our data privacy policy.

Should I be a Web expert to register on Testapic service?

No. Testers and reviewers do not have to Web experts to perform user testing. Our panel of testers gather many profiles from beginners to experts. The tests are simple, easy to understand and perform.

How do I sign in / Unsubscribe ?

You just have to fill the registration form.

To unsubscribe, sign in to your Testapic account with the email you used to sign up and click on “Unsubscribe”.

Can I sign in if I’m under 18?

No. Only people above 18 (according to the national applicable law), having the legal right to endorse a contract, can become a Testapic member.

Why should I give personal information when I register ?

The requested information allow us to send you tests depending on your profiles and interests.

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